Classic dining experiences in Oban, Scotland

Our Food & Drink

Dining here is more than just food, it's a social experience to be shared with friends, family and colleagues. Our chefs have thoughtfully curated each and every one of our dishes, using locally sourced ingredients and classic Scottish flavours.

Our Restaurants

Locally sourced and prepared with real passion.

Designed with the surrounding area in mind, our chef has created a contemporary menu featuring the best of local ingredients from Argyll. The views over Loch Feochan top off the whole experience.

The Bar

You'll find a fine selection of classic drinks inside this wholeheartedly Scottish bar. You can choose from our lunch and dinner menus, and dogs are welcome to join, too.

Private Dining

Whatever the cause for celebration, plan an unforgettable dining experience in our historic hideaway. Our chefs will work with you to make sure the menu is just right for your special occasion.